Feb 13, 2012

Utah Hunting Guides

Professional Guided Hunts in Utah

Utah: Hunter’s Haven

Hunting is not only a means of survival these days but also one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities throughout the globe, and the state of Utah has been labeled the “hunting haven.”

Utah hunting guides at Leeder Hunting specialize in hunts for trophy mule deer, elk, mountain lion, desert sheep, and antelope. Many of the largest record class mule deer and elk are taken every season in Utah. We hunt in some of the finest big game habitats that Utah has to offer, including but not limited to:

Leeder Hunting: The Best of the Best

There’s nothing worse than a bad hunting trip. Have you ever had high hopes of taking home a trophy, only to end up walking away empty-handed? That’s where our professional Utah hunting guides step in.

Our seasoned hunting guides in Utah will find the best game for you on your hunt. It doesn’t stop there though. When you hire a hunting guide at Leeder Hunting, you’re paying for the full package:

  • All Guide Fees
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Trophy Care in the Field
  • Transportation to and from the Local Airport if Needed

The only additional fees will be your tag and hunting license. All of our hunts are fully guided 1 on 1 unless you say otherwise. You can guarantee only the best hunting experience of your life with professional Utah hunting guides at Leeder Hunting.

Utah Hunting Guides

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