Desert Big Horn

The desert bighorn sheep is one of the most coveted big game animals in North America. If you have ever had a desert sheep tag, you already know how lucky you are, if not, you know you will be very lucky if you ever do. Knowing that, you will definitely want to do your homework before hiring your guide.

Leeder Hunting offers fully guided desert bighorn sheep hunting in Utah and Nevada. If you chose to hunt with us, you will have our undivided attention and all of our resources for as long as it takes to make your hunt successful. We understand how precious a desert sheep tag is and will give it all of the effort it deserves. You will always have at least one guide per hunter and usually three or four guides per hunter.

Desert Sheep hunting in Utah or Nevada can be very physically demanding or it can be easy enough for just about anyone depending on your choice of hunting units. If we have input in the application process, we can find a desert sheep hunt that will match your physical capabilities. We know the area we hunt very well. We can tell you what to expect about sheep populations as well as the terrain to expect in each hunting unit.

Permit applications for desert bighorn sheep are due in February for Utah and March for Nevada.

Accommodations on a sheep hunt range from backpack tents to luxury hotels, depending on your hunting unit.

Contact us to learn more about our desert sheep hunts in Utah and Nevada

Shad Leeder


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